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Born in The Netherlands, 1958


a  picture tells  more than words. Self-taught in photography and painting. Storyteller. motivational speaker.     


a lifetime in the financial world I now follow my passion, music,  photography and since September 2015  painting too  

love to shoot  musicians on small intimate stages.  Trying to capture their emotions and passion. All with the help of the available light.  This created me a private, intimate and sometimes gritty style. The emotion splashes off sometimes.


Moreover I like to paint. i want to give it my own twist or signature.

Expositions since February 2017  at my own Pop-up Expo, AT  Zanders, Spieghelhuis, Head Office, Bonte Paard, Hotel Jan Tabak and Kunstroute 's-Graveland and Kunstroute Workum, Friesland.  


Hope you like my works. Feel free to follow me in the social media. Or visit my gallery in Workum, Friesland.

Look for the book


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