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Born in The Netherlands, 1958


​A picture tells more than words. Autodidact in photography and painting. Storyteller. Motivational speaker.    


a lifetime in the financial world I now follow my passion, music, photography and since september 2015 painting too 

​Love to shoot musicians on small intimate stages. Trying to capture their emotions and passion. All with the help of the available light.  This created me a private, intimate and sometimes gritty style. The emotion splashes off sometimes.


Moreover i like to paint. i want to give it my own twist or signature.

Expositions since february 2017 at my own Pop-up-Expo, AT Zanders, Spieghelhuis, Hoofdkantoor , Bonte Paard, Hotel Jan Tabak en Kunstroute 's-Graveland and kunstroute Workum, Friesland. More recent in Jaz Hotel Vienna & Jaz Hotel Stuttgart


Hope you like my works. Feel free to follow me in the social media.

Look for the book


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